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ETD manufacturing dampers in Qatar as per QCS 2014 & SMACNA standard .

GI Volume Control Damper : 

Hawa model “HA 11 series” (opposite blade) and “HA 22
series” (parallel blade) rectangular Volume Control Dampers
(VCD) with hawa blades, are widely used in heating,
ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems throughout the
Middle East and South Asia. Unique construction and
manufacturing technique coupled with superior design
make the series HA 11 and series HA 22 damper quiet and
reliable giving conditioned controlled air volume to various
• The frame is constructed from galvanized steel sheet.
(Also available in aluminum & stainless steel construction available)
• Blades are coupled by external concealed linkage, which can be provided in either opposed
or parallel blade operation.
• Linkage rods are coupled with hand locking quadrant frame in a closed marking.
Hand locking quadrant frame is marked to show exact position of damper
• Structure is available with ange edge and is supplied undrilled as standard.
• Designed for HVAC systems.

Motorized Volume Control Damper :
Single skinned or double skinned blade edges and spring steel side seals provide the basis for reduce leakage. Specially
formed slandered component and non-corrosive bearings
conrm to specications required for high quality, low
leakage, maximum rigidity and low operating torque.

Total damper design and close manufacturing tolerance of
• Spring stainless steel side seal minimize blade and leakage.
• Rigid galvanized steel construction corrosion and extends damper life.
• Corrosive- resistant internal blade linkage allows easy maintenance and eld adjustment and
interchangeable components.
• High temperature silicone rubber for air control operation at high temperature on
ultra-low leakage dampers.
• Low leakage results in energy saving.

Non-return dampers :

 NRD prevent unwanted airflows against the intended airflow direction when the system is not in operation
  • Maximum differential pressure: 100 Pa
  • Angle section border to be installed in wall openings
  •   Available in standard sizes and many intermediate sizes
  • Non-return damper with formed aluminium blades for normal requirements; blades are fitted with seals for sound attenuation

Country Of Origin : Made In Qatar.