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Everything Ducting Trading & Contracting start manufacture and supply the air terminal devices made in Qatar under brand name “HAWA

We supply a wide range of grilles and registers with help from a team of highly trained and experienced professionals throughout QATAR. AC grill manufacturers in Doha, products offered are widely recognized in the market due to their superior strength and hassle free performance. In compliance with diversified customer requirements, we deliver these products within the defined time frame and comply with all specifications in order to achieve the quality that our customers want.

At present HAWA is one of the best AC grill manufacturers in Qatar and we provide a high standard of quality, solid construction, and quiet, controlled performance.

HAWA Products distinguished by the merit of their quality ,HAWA Grills&Diffusers are manufactured of high quality pure aluminum material ,powder coated with nippon paint.

Products Range :

  • Linear Bar Grill (SLBG & RLBG)
  • Wall Grill (SAG & RAG)
  • Linear Slot Diffuser
  • Square Ceiling Diffuser
  • Door Grill
  • Curve Grill
  • Curve Linear Slot
  • Decorative Grill
  • Round Ceiling Diffuser
  • Jet Air Diffuser
  • Disk Valve
  • Fresh Air Louver
  • Sand Trap Louvers
  • Floor Grill
  • Egg Crate Grill

Delivery Time : 4-7 Days.