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ETD had a complete range of Pre-Insulated duct accessories with high quality :

  • Invisible Flange  :

PVC/ALUMINUM flange joint is used for the fabrication of pre-insulated air duct panels. the standard length of the flange is 4m/piece, and any other shorter length can be custom-made. the width we can supply is 20 / 30 mm,Packing: 80 m / Bundle – 4m / Pcs

  • PVC Angle-Corner :

Gray polymer covering angle to reinforce the duct corners externally and improve appearance . Size 20/30mm .

Available in 1 way shape ,2 ways shape .

  • Aluminum F Flange : 

Permits all accessories with fastening frames higher than 20 mm to be fastened to the ducts  ,Size: 20 mm/30 mm, Packing: 80 m /Bundle – 4m / Pcs .

  • Aluminum U Flange : 

Extremely versatile aluminium section for fastening of anti-vibration joints, volume dampers, and connection to sheet
metal ducts, Size: 20 mm/30 mm, Packing: 80 m/Bundle – 4m / Pcs .

  • Aluminum Chair Flange : 

Used to fasten ducts to air handling units and in the assembly of linear diffusers and damper. Size: 20 mm/30 mm, Packing: 80 m / Bundle – 4m / Pcs .

  • PVC H Slide Joint :

Built in shock-resistant polymer, this piece permits “invisible flanges” to be connected. Size: 20 mm, Packing: 200 m / Bundle – 4m / Pcs .

  • GI Corner :

GI Corner 1.5 thick zinc-coated steal  ,angle bracket 1000pcs/ctn .

  • Aluminum Reinforcement Bar : 

Special high stiffness aluminium alloy reinforcement section bar.

  • Aluminum Disk :          

Aluminium Disk to distribute the pressure created at the centre over a wider surface to prevent damage to the panel.