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Pre-insulated Duct Panel is sandwich structure material incorporating rigid closed-cell foam (PU, PIR, or Phenolic Foam) as the insulation core with aluminium facing on both sides.

It is a newly innovative duct material using in Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning System.

The pre-insulated duct system is one of the most advanced and energy-saving air duct systems. This system consists of pre-insulated duct panels, fabrication equipment, tools, accessories and technical support Technical and commercial support for consultants and contractors

Pre-Insulated Duct Fabrication In Qatar :

We fabricate Pre-insulated duct in qatar at our dedicated fabrication facility using state of the art CNC machinery . This guarantees accurate cut and finish with minimum wastage which cut down on the cost of raw materials ,the benefit of which is then passed on to the customer.

We follow the practices in the industry to produce high quality ducts meetings the requirements for minimum air leakage and ability to withstand pressure.

Production Capacity :

Running at peak capacitie, we can produce 700SQM of duct per a day enabling us to meet the delivery requirements of most projects.

We are highly cognizant of the important of deadlines . Our support to projects is unparalleled and is what sets us apart from the competition.

We offer a total HVAC ducting solution to contractors, complete with all the tools, accessories and CNC machines. We help and train our clients to set up their own duct workshops to cater for their projects’ needs.

Quality Management :

We are ISO certified company and follow the stringent quality measures in the entire process of duct fabrication right from the procurement to the finished product.

Health Safety & Environment :

We follow the best practices in the industry to ensure the well being of our personnel and that of environment.

Phenolic Air duct products are available in nominal 20mm through 30mm thickness and are certified to UL 181 by Underwriters Laboratory.

Fabrication Standard : SMACNA 2015 .

Made In Qatar.