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ETD manufacturing pre insulated Volume Control Damper in Qatar as per QCS 2014 & SMACNA standard .

Pre Insulated Volume Control Damper  :


  • Designed for use in heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems in open/limited access areas and light weight applications.
  • The edges are joined using special glue and silicon.
  • Blades are coupled by Z-link angle which provides parallel/opposed blade operation.
  • Hand locking quadrant is provided with clear open/close indication and three intermediate open positions (1/4 – 1/2 – 3/4).
  • Foam gasket is sealed across the blade edges to minimize air leakage between the blades.
  • Frame : 20mm thick of Pre-Insulated (Phenolic/PIR) material with 2-sides Aluminum foil facing and provided with male/female joint or aluminum/PVC invisible flange.
  • Frame Size : 200mm depth with flanges for side-fixing.
  • Blades : Available in aluminum sheet section profiles in aerofoil shape .the blades are fitted to the damper frame by means of the galvanized steel rods and rivets .
  • Drive Shaft : Electro plated square rods .
  • Bush : Nylon bush of internal square section is properly positioned in the damper frame through which the galvanized steel rods of the damper blade pass to provide rattle free smooth operation.
  • Blade Linkage : Z-Link angle .
  • Blade Stopper :I. angle of thickness 0.7mm .
  • Quadrant : Made of heavy gauge galvanized steel material with indication of ‘Shut’,’1/4,1/2,3/4,’open’.
  • Gasket : Damper blade edges are sealed with neoprene gasket to prevent any leakage through blade arrangement (optional).
  • Size : Size can be customized as per the request .

Country Of Origin : Made In Qatar.