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Tapes are designed and manufactured to suit Construction and HVAC industry. Available in wide range of variety to suit various application. HAWA tapes has excellent tensile strength and higher rolling tack. Acrylic adhesive selection gives a strong bond over wide temperature range.

  • Plane Aluminum : 
    Plain Aluminum Foil Tape application is for sealing and seaming plane foil faced fiberglass duct/pipe
    insulation surface. Protection against moisture combined with superior sealing and strength makes HAWArangeof Aluminum Foil Tapes an ideal choice for contractors and engineers. Acrylic adhesive coating on
    superior polycoated liner gives is strong adherence over a wide temperature range.
  • FSK Reinforced Tape :
  • A High Quality tape, having and Aluminum-reinforced substrate gives it exceptional tensile strength, and higher
    rolling tack. Due to its superior engineering construction, contractors and engineers prefer it for very high
    quality seaming and sealing of fiberglass duct insulation and pipe insulation. Acrylic adhesive selection gives astrong bond over a wide temperature range in addition to a good vapour.
  • PVC Tape : 

The resilient non-glare matte finish P.V.C. film substrate provides good solvent resistance, high conformability and a smooth, sharp mask-off edge. Conformable and solvent resistant. Non-glare matte finish. Excellent surface wettability and high temperature performance. Clean cutting plastic. Recyclable.   Handles compound curves, detail work, various solvents, OEM and autobody. Non-reflective. Alleviates eye strain. Sticks well to a variety of surfaces. Clean removability after bake cycle. Splinter and fiber free. Less waste.

  • Foam Tape : 

Foam gasket tape has a moderately strong adhesive and carried on the brown siliconized release paper . The tape has excellent flexibility and suitable for thermal insulation & duct gasket purpose .